Ewha nurtures leaders with communal identity 3
Ewha nurtures leaders with communal identity 3
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Ewha Residential College begins to take concrete shape

The OUPC organizes Public Hearing for RC targeting students on May 21. Photo provided by the Office of University Planning and Coordination.
Starting this August, Ewha will run the first RC Pilot Project until the end of the fall semester to find ways to effectively establish the Ewha RC.
Participation of 150 Ewha students who currently reside in Hanwoori Hall and RCAs, and the RC Demonstration Project aims to try out numerous experimental programs before the actual system is implemented.
In preparation for this project, Ewha is currently recruiting  RCAs and receiving vounteers for Master Professors . The RC Workshop for RCAs will take place in July and August, and the RC Orientation for freshmen will be organized in August. The second RC Demonstration Project will be held in 2014, accommodating 300 students per semester and up to 600 students annually.
“Unlike other universities’ RC system where existing dormitories are used, Ewha is building a new place for students,” Lee said. “The RC Pilot Project will be a good opportunity for Ewha to implement the best RC system in 2015.”

* Reporters: Ahn Inkyeong & Chung Che-yoon

* E-mails: iahn@ewhain.net, thfl353@ehwain.net

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