University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
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University of Minnesota football stadm on an exciting game day. Photo provided by Morgan Peter.

When most Americans hear about the state of Minnesota, a couple of things pop into their mind: snow, lakes and the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota is a well-acclaimed university, ranking 47th out of 400 top research Universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University rankings. The University of Minnesota has a global student population of 52,557, which is the sixth largest main-campus student body in the United States.
One visit to campus makes one immediately feel as though they have stepped into student territory: student housing covering the neighborhoods, the school’s logo on nearly every street and young people riding their bikes to and from class. The lively and exciting atmosphere drags many locals in from and around town to get a taste of the students’ lives.
The campus is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a very large campus that is separated by the Mississippi river and the two parts of campus are called “East” and “West” bank. The two banks are connected by the Washington Bridge which can be crossed either by foot, bike, shuttle bus or car.
The East bank can be broken down into several areas known as the Knoll area, the Mall area, the Health area, the Athletic area and the Gateway area. The East bank also includes many notable architecture buildings such as the Frederick Weisman Art Museum. The West bank includes social science buildings and art quarters. Local students know that crossing the bridge is similar to entering different social realms. The West Bank is notorious for holding the art students, hipsters and social intellectuals, whereas the East bank is filled with athletes and science students.
 There is also a large Athletic Department known as the “Golden Gophers.” The school mascot is a Gopher, a unique and cute looking animal, a specialty in Minnesota. The University is a part of the Big Ten Conference, holding top Midwest Universities. In 2009, a new and elaborate football stadium was built, which brought excitement to many of the students and local people to enjoy the football match. The crowd is covered in maroon and gold, the school’s colors, and students are cheering, enjoying a beer, filled with school spirit.
The University of Minnesota offers a beautiful campus, diverse friendships, endless opportunities and a great education.


*Morgan Peter is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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