The greatest experience of my life
The greatest experience of my life
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Lee Hye-ri ('11, Environmental Design) works on a team project. Photo provided by Lee Hye-ri.
Studying in the United States (U.S) as an exchange student was absolutely my best experience. I have changed a lot during that time. Not only did I feel more confident about myself and my abilities, but also I have fixed my bad habits such as spending lots of time in Cyworld.
Studying abroad and the experience  of living abroad alone helped me  improve my time management skill and allowed me to appreciate  every little thing.
And studying abroad definitely helped me improve my English, especially in speaking. I could travel many times with my friends a lot more than when I was in Korea. Making many friends who have diverse cultural background was the best thing; I had learned the manners and attitudes for different people. Studying abroad means a lot to me. It was not just about learning English experience.
I studied abroad in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, which is located south-eastern U.S. I had not heard about the place, so I was worried if I would not like it there, but it was just a worthless worrying. Knoxville is so peaceful and the campus is really beautiful.
I loved it. It was the first time for me to live in a school dorm and it was a wonderful experience. I had fun and made a long life friendship with my roommate. The campus life in Knoxville allowed me to live comfortably and enjoy my time there without worries and hurries. 
Moreover, I did an internship in New York City during summer vacation. It also helped me improve not only my language ability but also my living ability. I stayed in New York City for three months, even though I had no relatives or friends. I became more independent and confidence  during and after that time.
Studying and working in the U.S was really different from doing that in Korea, and I needed to struggle with myself to adjust to the different culture. Still, it was really worth it compared to what I expected.
I made the greatest memories  in  my college life in the U.S. Studying abroad in the U.S was once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am glad I did not miss it.

*Lee Hye-ri (’11, Environmental Design) studied at University of Tennessee 

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