Ewha Start-up Academy supports young people’s startups
Ewha Start-up Academy supports young people’s startups
  • Lee Sang-ha
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The Ewha Industry Collaboration Foundation (EICF) commenced the Ewha Start-up Academy with an aim to foster competent, aspiring entrepreneurs and promote young people’s startups.
“Ewha was selected as the 2013 General Startup Academy Operating University which is financially supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA),” said Lee Ji-eun, an official of EICF. “As the selected university, Ewha is planning various empowerment programs to support young people’s startups.”
The Ewha Start-up Academy plans to organize two sessions with 30 participants each. The first session will start on June 20 and will continue until Aug. 3, and the second session will take place from July 11 to 29. It specifically targets those who are preparing to start their own businesses and those who have started after March 2012. It is open to the public as well as Ewha undergraduates.
The curriculum consists of three programs: Education, Mentoring and Networking Day. Education runs for 35 hours over six days free of charge. It includes lectures given by prominent professors from other universities and specialists from various fields to help students plan for starting a new business. In the case of mentoring, participants can receive mentoring within four designated dates or anytime during regular mentoring time which is held for 48 hours. The Networking Day in which participants will have time to interchange with current CEOs will also be held eight times.
Participants who are present in more than 80 percent of the classes will be awarded with a certificate. The certificate recipients will have various benefits including opportunities to participate in the Ewha Venture Forum and take the Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration) class.
The Ewha Start-up Academy is recruiting members for the first session until June 12. For further information, visit the Ewha Start up homepage (http://www.ewha-startup.com/) or call (02) 3277-4633.

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