KH-Kufstein Tirol University
KH-Kufstein Tirol University
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Han Ji-sun ('11, Statistics) recommends KH-Kufstein Tirol University, recalling the perfect nature and environment of Austria. Photo provided by Han Ji-sun.
When I applied to go to Kufstein as an exchange student, I was not sure about going there because I did not know much about Austria and could not speak German at all. However, as soon as I arrived at Munich airport and unpacked my luggage in my residence room, I realized my choice was right and I would be happy in KH-Kufstein Tirol University.
The school provides good programs for exchange students to get along well with one another. I enjoyed this program and appreciated that I could make good friends from diverse countries. The quality of the school’s education is not that good but it makes students relax and enjoy their life in Kufstein. Kufstein has four main big lakes and good ski camp sites. You will definitely have fun while doing these kinds of exercises. Austria has an absolutely perfect environment. If you have suffered serious respiratory problems before going to Austria, you will notice you do not have any problem there and you would want to stay in Kufstein forever.
Unfortunately, I gave up on learning German because it was too difficult for me, but if you are keen on learning a language, it would be a good place to learn in that you can speak German naturally in daily life. Most Austrians in Kufstein speak German and some people do not even speak in English. When I asked a question to a German in English, he answered in German even though he understood my question which was in English.
Austria has good public services for travel. There is a 50 percent discount on the train fee service when you make a specific travel card. You can also use the helpful information centers at Vienna during the trip. Moreover, Austria is surrounded by other beautiful countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and so on. Cheaper airline companies let you easily go to other countries such as England. In fact, Europe has a fantastic system to enjoy their holidays.
Above all, you will be able to meet many friends and experience diverse cultures. You may even soon realize that only living in Korea may be limiting to the mind. Kufstein give you the opportunity to grow up and be more confident. Do not hesitate to go to Kufstein.

*Han Ji-sun (’11, Statistics) studied at FH-Kufstein Tirol University.

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