Department of Science Education raise scholarship fund for students
Department of Science Education raise scholarship fund for students
  • Lee Ha-kyung
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Department of Science Education delivers the scholarship fund on May 3. Photo provided by Communications.
Department of Science Education faculty members and alumnae gathered scholarship fund for currently enrolled students under the department and held a delivery ceremony at the Main Hall on May 3.
Starting this year, the department will annually select students with high development potential in the academic field of science education and grant them with a full scholarship.
“While contemplating to come up with a special means to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our department in 2012, faculty members suggested settling a scholarship fund that would support our students consistently,” said Lee Hyun-ju, dean of the Department of Science Education. “It was a great opportunity for the faculty and alumni to get together and find a means to foster academic development and competence among students in the department.”
With the donation of 120 million won by professors in 2012, the “Department of Science Education 50th Anniversary Scholarship” was established. Then, many alumni of the department participated in the fundraiser to promote scholarships for their juniors.
The donation summed up to approximately 220 million won.

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