University students unveil President Park Geun-hye’s youth policy
University students unveil President Park Geun-hye’s youth policy
  • Lee Min-jeong
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University students state their idea regarding the government administration's youth policies. Photo provided by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
With the new government administration, the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism (MCST) organized a conference in which university students researched and offered strategies to materialize President Park Geun-hye’s policies regarding the young generation.
“The purpose of this event is to expand and develop a bond of sympathy and comprehension concerning the new government’s youth policies,” said an official at the MCST, who wishes to remain anonymous.
Student groups from five different universities presented on five main subjects President Park’s administration had promised along with 140 other nation affairs.
Supporting Local Universities
The Advancement for College Education (ACE) project, which is managed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, provides designated universities with 3 million won for four years to invest in advanced education model. The project’s goal is to improve the quality of education in local universities through developing teaching competency and specialties of each university.
To hear responses of students in the capital and local university to the ACE project, Yonsei University students conducted a survey – it turned out that students in the capital were indifferent to local students, while the local students kept distance from the students in the capital. Based on this result, Yonsei University students emphasized the importance of acknowledgement and cooperation among the capital and local area students in order to improve the ACE program.
Developing Competency-Based Society
Supported by the new government administration, the Merit Recruiting System seeks to foster potential young generations in information and communication fields or cultural contents. Selected students are to be registered and educated in the talent bank through mentoring programs, which can then be viewed by recruit managers.
Students from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) pointed out that bringing the differences between university students and employers is crucial in developing a competency-based society.While students regard the so-called specification as a core factor that determines employment, the companies state that unique stories and characteristics of each student are most important.
With such different interpretations and misunderstandings, students will continue trying to improve their specifications. To clarify, students of HUFS suggest using Social Network Services  as a solution for companies.
Alleviating Tuition Burden
As university tuition remains as a burden to many households and disputes over this issue constantly progress, the new government administration is working on alleviating such burden off of students’ shoulders. The government suggested income-based customized half-price tuition aids of a maximum 15 percent of tuition for students depending on the individual income level.
Ewha students researched whether students fully understood the half-price tuition, but it turned out that not many students knew how it was organized. Thus, Ewha students stressed their opinions on helping students and parents understand the half-price tuition policy.
Building Youth-Friendly Job Infrastructure
K-move is a program that gives youth various overseas volunteering and internship opportunities. Through the K-move project, President Park’s administration expects to add approximately 18,000 new jobs, which accounts for 6 percent of the current youth unemployment rate.
The presentation by Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) students suggested models on job creation for the youth. It was presented that students mostly seek for experiences and skills via internship, but they fear overseas opportunities. To solve this problem, SKKU students suggest K-Move to promote positive aspects of overseas opportunities and spread awareness about K-Move.
Job Creating Through Venture Companies
To support youth who are launching their own businesses, the government administration is suggesting the Youth Foundation.
Students from Sogang University presented strategies for young people in launching their own business.
“We set our key message as ‘I will be back,’ to publicize the government’s efforts in sponsoring youth start-ups,” said Song Su-hyun (Sogang University, 3), the presenter from Sogang University. “With this key message, we conveyed methods to vitalize venture businesses to the audience.”
Through the event’s initial goal, to promote new policies through university students, the MCST expects to increase communication chances between the office-holders and the direct beneficiaries of the policies.
“We are planning to use the proposals as preliminary data to be used afterward,” the official from MCST said. “Referring and collecting the youth’s insightful ideas and needs, we will utilize the data in adjusting and managing government policies.”

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