Ewha establishes best brain science research platform
Ewha establishes best brain science research platform
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2013.04.12 15:04
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Photo provided by Ewha Brain Institute (EBI).
Ewha celebrated the opening of the Ewha Brain Institute (EBI) and Ewha Brain Imaging Center (EBIC) at Room 404 in the Pharmaceutical Science Building A on April 1. The EBIC is the first in Korea to be equipped with apparatus that can measure nuclear magnetism signals as well as carbon-13 and phosphorus-31.
“Brain science is the next new paradigm of the 21st century proceeding biotechnology and nanotechnology,” Ewha president Kim Sun-uk said.
The research team was formed to approach the research of brain science with convergence science, known as one of the most promising science fields in the future, led by the distinguished professor Lyoo In-kyoon, the director of the EBI.
“Through the concentrated investment and active support from Ewha, our team is now equipped with the world’s best research platform for brain science,” professor Lyoo said. “The institute will focus on the theme of ‘woman brain,’ which has not yet been fully researched in the field.”
The team plans to integrate not only natural science and engineering, but also economics, business, politics, education and women’s studies to open up new horizons for a broader and more creative approach to brain science.
Unlike the previous clinical MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment, the team is enabled to attain specific structural information of the brain. By utilizing magnetic resonance spectroscopy, they are able to measure the concentration of biochemical substances in specific parts of the brain.
“With the establishment of the EBI and EBIC, Ewha will affect diverse fields and hopes to become one of the leading research-focused universities on a global level,” president Kim said.

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