Covering All Sides Of A Story
Covering All Sides Of A Story
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Until you breathe out the last air left in your body, the world around you constantly demands you to make decisions. The decisions made effect you in ways you cannot even imagine. Therefore, in making effective choices, one has to always remember to never lose rationality.

Since each individual has a limited source of information and knowledge, media, social activist groups, and institutions raise questions and arguments for people to help them think and make a standpoint on what they believe is just. Then people begin to raise their voices as a group and try to find possible solutions to the problem.

One of the social issues we are facing now is the controversy of educational liberalization in Korea. With the advancement of globalization and the progress of multinational cooperation, domestic society constantly competes with international conglomerates. Korea is not an exception from this situation. Liberalization of education in this sense is the commercial presence of foreign universities within Koreans.

On March 24 and 25, Ewha"s Student Government Association (SGA) put the issue to the vote. With 1,869 votes against, 73.4 percent of the total of 2,546 votes, results reflected overwhelming disapproval of educational liberalization.

The flier that was given out to Ewhaians and posted on boards on campus, set out to explain on why liberalization of education will harm the economy and cause havoc to the Korean educational system. Assertions made were: first, since education is a responsibility of a public sector, it is immoral to allow the private sector to join in and take advantage of education for commercial transactions; and secondly, open trade in education will raise tuitions to a degree where only the wealthy can benefit from the best education.

These arguments are reasonable; however, rather than just emphasizing the negative aspects of the issue at hand, a more balanced overview would have made a stronger impact. By listing the benefits that might be gained through educational liberalization and showing that the costs outweigh the benefits, students would have shown support for the movement.

It is unfortunate to see the public exposed to only one side of the story most of the times. More responsible portrayal of the facts would give rise to more productive debate.

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