Hanwoori Hall launches “Wake Up Your Senses” series
Hanwoori Hall launches “Wake Up Your Senses” series
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2013.03.30 15:48
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Students design floral arrangements at the "Wake Up Your Senses" series. Photo provided by Hanwoori Hall.
The Hanwoori Hall initiated the “Wake Up Your Senses” series for students residing in the dormitory starting this semester. The program launched two projects: one under the theme of “ME, a florist?!” which started on March 19 and the second “Make your ‘it-item’ in Hanwoori Style!” which began on March 28. “We wanted the students to gain cultural experiences beyond the walls of the dormitory and by doing so enhance their sensibility,” said Jo Sun-young, a dormitory staff in charge of the new program. “Through the newly launched programs, we hope students release their stress from academic performance achievements and worries regarding their career path development.” The “Wake Up Your Senses” series opened its program with 16 participants in the first project of “ME, a florist?!,” taught by Lee Ki-sook, the CEO of Moris Garden. The second session was led by Jung Do-yeon, the CEO of La Thallo, a flower boutique. Students participated in making their own mini gardens to later decorate their rooms. Students further learned the names of different flowers, their characteristics, as well as the basics of designing floral arrangements. “Although floral arrangement appears to be easy, it was interesting to learn how to care differently for each specific flower and maintain the flowers in good shape,” said Park Hye-lim (Biology Education, 4), a participant of the first project. In the second project, students participated in creating their own picture frames made of fabric. Two interior specialists – Min Ji-hae, an interior display director, and Shin Se-jung, a color material director – were invited to teach the students how to decorate their rooms with self-made adornments. All student participants were provided with materials for each class theme as well as refreshments. “We further plan to open a variety of such programs for the residents apart from the first two lessons,” Jo said. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Hanwoori Hall Grand Floor starting 7 p.m. International students are welcomed to participate in the classes, especially on April 2 and April 11 as English service will be provided during those sessions. In order to participate, students must deposit 3,000 won for each class after registering on a first-come, first-serve basis. The program has a limit of 20 participants and only residents can apply. For further information, visit the Hanwoori Hall homepage (http://dmtry.ewha.ac.kr/) or call (02) 3277-5908.

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