Hanwoori Hall abolishes roll call system
Hanwoori Hall abolishes roll call system
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2013.03.30 15:30
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Hanwoori Hall has abolished its roll call system on Feb. 26 due to the continuous complaints from the students.The roll call system, in which Hanwoori Hall residence tutors supervise residents by visiting each student’s room every day at 11 p.m., has been operated since Ewha moved its campus from Jeong-dong to Sinchon in 1935.However, with the rising complaints on having roll calls every day, the dormitory conducted a survey in April 2012. The result turned out that 47 percent of residents agreed on abolishing the roll call system and 46 percent replied that the system was in need of improvement. Accordingly, Hanwoori Hall lessened the number of roll calls from seven times to five times a week in May 2012 as a trial operation. “Residents’ satisfaction toward the roll call system had increased after reducing the number of roll calls,” said Choi Gyoung-sil, the director of Hanwoori Hall. “Students’ responsibility seemed to have increased, following their broadened level of autonomy, which led to the decision to abolish the system completely.”Instead, Hanwoori Hall implemented a new system, the Weekly Check-up. Through this system, Hanwoori Hall residence tutors will check residents’ living and health conditions as well as any inconveniences or difficulties they may have by going around the rooms once a week. In addition, Group Orientation and One-on-one Counseling are also planned for students since there will be less opportunities to communicate with residence tutors. As the roll call system is lifted, the curfew is now 12 p.m. The original curfew was 11 p.m. “The abolition of the roll call system means more respect toward our residents’ autonomy and higher mutual trust,” Choi said. “Hanwoori Hall will continue to take care of students by reinforcing newly implemented systems. I hope students grow up to be responsible individuals even with the more lenient measure we have implemented.”

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