My life in Wisconsin-Madison and after
My life in Wisconsin-Madison and after
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Moon Jee-hyun (Business, 3), in the middle, poses with her friends at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Photo provided by Moon Jee-hyun.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison): this was it, the school that I will be going to for my exchange program. It was my first time hearing about UW-Madison, but I chose to go there because of its high rank I figured out by searching on the Internet. One semester in Ewha passed by so fast and at last it was time for me to leave for UW-Madison. After many hours of traveling, I finally reached the UW-Madison campus. Checking into my room, I was warmly greeted by my very first roommate and her parents. I knew just then that my Madison life would be awesome. Soon, the semester started and I exerted myself to catch all the instructions on course introductions. I wanted to challenge myself a little more and to learn something that I was not able to do in Ewha. So, I narrowed it down to four courses: Cryptography, Ancient Greek, Marketing Channel and Human Resource Management. The classes were very challenging. It was also hard to speak up in those classes where everyone except me was American. It really stressed me out, but the classes were rewarding. Since I would not have been able to take those classes if I had not come to Wisconsin, they felt really special and enjoyable despite the demanding homework and quizes. During weekdays, my friends and I met up after class, had dinner on State Street, went to Memorial Library to study together and hung out afterward. We enjoyed quality time sharing our stories, from ones from deep inside our hearts to ones about our everyday lives. Sometimes, on weekends, we had a Halloween party, Wear Classy Dance Cheesy party, and other small in-house parties. I made new friends there and everything was so fun. My friends and I also went on field trips to apple garden and corn maze. During Thanksgiving break, I was invited to one of my closest friend’s house in Chicago. I stayed there for four days feeling like I was at home and had lots of fun. I also went to a huge Christmas party held at my pastor’s house with my church friends. We exchanged gifts, shared food each of us had brought, shared stories, and sang Christmas carols. Every moment in Wisconsin was valuable and enjoyable and even the tiniest moment we had spent together during the semester was a huge blessing to me. *Moon Jee-hyun (Business, 3) studied at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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