SGA introduces “On Card” service to students
SGA introduces “On Card” service to students
  • Chung Che-yoon
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The 45th Student Government Association (SGA), Woori Ewha, has adopted the “On Card” service starting from this semester.
“On Card” is a service provided for Ewha and Yonsei University students to receive a certain amount of discount from stores located in the Sinchon area. Seventeen stores situated in front of Yonsei University and 10 stores in front of Ewha provide various amounts of discount ranging from 5 to 25 percent both in cash and credit card.
Additionally, Megabox, a cinema located near Ewha offers a discount of 2,000 won from its original ticket price. Other stores including hair salons also provide discounts of 20 to 40 percent.
Stores that have made alliances with “On Card” can be recognized through visible signs on stores’ boards.
The service has been organized under the alliance of Woori Ewha and Focus On Story, the 50th SGA of Yonsei University.
The SGA aims to reduce the cost of living of the Ewha students through the “On Card” service.
“Because the tuition fee is already high and the costs of the services are especially expensive in and outside the school, students feel a lot of pressure regarding financial issues,” said Kim Kyung-nae (Mathematical & Physical Sciences, 3), the vice president of Woori Ewha. “Through ‘On Card’ service, we hope to lessen students’ financial burden on campus.”
“On Card” service was one of the campaign promises that Woori Ewha had made during the 45th SGA presidential election. It goes under the category of “Welfare,” and the promise states: Lowering down the price of outside companies, restaurants in campus, requesting Seoul City for discounting transportation fee. In the promise, “On Card” service has succeeded to lower down the price of outside companies.
Students welcome the effort made by the SGA.
“I think ‘On Card’ service will be really helpful to us students, since the price around Sinchon and Ewha is far more expensive compared to that around the other university areas,” Yim Young-jin (Computer Science & Engineering, 2) said.
The SGA will continue to fulfill further campaign promises for the well-being of Ewha students.
“We have only just completed a small part of the campaign promises,” Kim said. “The SGA will put its best effort to fulfill rest of them to receive a long-term positive effect.”

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