Women executives from Ewha rank highest in top 100 corporations
Women executives from Ewha rank highest in top 100 corporations
  • Hur Jin
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Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo

Ewha graduates ranked the highest in a research of women executives in Korea’s top 100 businesses, in which the number exceeded 100 for the first time this year.
Based on the report announced on Feb. 20 by a headhunting agency Unico Search, the numbers counted were only those in positions above director or assistant director and did not include the members of the owner families.
Unico Search initiated its research of women executives in 2004 with only 13 executives in 10 major companies out of 100. In 2006, the record showed 22 executives and in 2011, the number jumped to 76.
Finally, the number in 2013 added up to 114 executives in 33 companies out of 100. This counts for an approximate 50 percent increase compared to the number last year.
Among the 114 executives,  Ewha graduates accounted for the biggest group of women in executive positions with 16 graduates in activity. The graduates of the English Language & Literature major accounted for a quarter in the group of women executives.
The number is followed by Seoul National University (SNU) graduates with 13 executives, Yonsei University graduates with 10 executives, and Korea University graduates with six executives.
This is the first time Ewha has outnumbered graduates from SNU in the counting of women executives.

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