Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 3
Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 3
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E-School draws Korea one step closer to world

Ewha invited 31 students who took E-School’s lectures last semester on Jan. 7. Photo provided by Communications.

As the KF Global E-School has vastly expanded its scale, it has benefited more than 2,700 students who desired to study Korea and its culture.
With the help of the Ewha-KF Global E-School, many universities that did not have Korean studies as a major such as the University of Hong Kong have set up a Korean studies major. For example, in the University of Hong Kong, Korean studies was only a minor course of study due to the lack of courses available. As two more real-time courses were sent from Ewha, it was able meet the requirements for opening Korean studies as a major.
 Also, for a more educational and cultural exchange, the Ewha-KF Global E-School invited 31 students who took Korean studies courses last semester from Jan. 7 to 11. The students were selected out of 391 students from Mongolia, Thailand, and Hong Kong based on their outstanding academic grades.
“We wanted to provide a chance for students who were among the top 10 percent in academics last semester to actually visit Korea and attend lectures,” an official of the Ewha-KF Global E-School said.
The invited students attended seven lectures in Ewha’s Korean studies program, including Acculturating to Korean Language and Korean Traditional Music. While they had previously taken the courses via screen with an online lecturer, this functioned as a special opportunity to learn about Korea in a real classroom.
Besides taking the lecture, the 31 students had a hands-on experience of Korean culture and campus life. After class, they visited museums near campus and the traditional Korean houses of Hanok Village to see what they had learned about in class.
“I learned much more about Korea by actually visiting the place,” Munkhbat Battuya (Ulaanbaatar University, 3) from Mongolia said. “I want to spread what I learned more specifically to Mongolian people.”
Not only did students abroad gain, the program also worked to the advantage of Ewha students.
“It was a whole new experience for me,” said Shristi Tiwari (Health Education, 4) an Ewha student from Nepal, who attended the Korean Heritage class last year. “Students from different countries were connected by screen, and it was interesting to see how students of diverse backgrounds and perspectives interacted with one another and the professor via screen.”

* Reporters: Moon Bo-ra, Ahn In-kyeong

* Emails: boramoon@ewhain.net, iahn@ewhain.net

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