Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 1
Ewha rises as threshold of Korean studies 1
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The Korean Foundation and Ewha-KF Global E-School started sending lectures on Korean studies abroad through real-time video communication in January, 2011. Illustration by Jeong Hyun-joo.

In January 2011, the Ewha-KF Global E-School initiated a project providing quality Korean studies lectures in response to the increasing demand for Korean studies and culture abroad through real-time video communication, led by professor Lee Hai-young (Korean Studies) and supported by Korean Foundation (KF).
Over the past two years, the number of universities participating in the project has increased from 19 to 64, and the students taking Korean studies courses through this program from 739 to 2,700. Branching out further from the original improvements, Ewha invited selected foreign students to Korea from Feb. 7 to 11 to offer them more active intercommunication.
In this issue, the Ewha Voice looks back on what the Ewha-KF Global E-School has accomplished and how it has both helped students abroad and in Ewha during the past two years.


* Reporters: Moon Bo-ra, Ahn In-kyeong

* Emails: boramoon@ewhain.net, iahn@ewhain.net

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