Luncheon and chapel held for retired faculty
Luncheon and chapel held for retired faculty
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The Office of University Relations and Development (OURD) held the President’s Luncheon for retired faculty members at the Lee Sam-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex on Dec. 6. The event was held to thank the former staffs for their contribution to Ewha, and inform them of the news and changes on campus.
“The retired staff sacrificed and persevered for the Ewha community,” said Kang Hye-song, an official of the OURD. “Following on last year’s luncheon, we prepared the event again this year to show our gratitude for their dedication. For them, it also serves as an opportunity to keep in touch with Ewha after retirement.”
The invitation was sent to the 380 retired faculty members, who remain alive, and an estimated total of 100 members were present at the event. The luncheon started with President Kim Sun-uk’s welcome speech, the feast and the informing of campus changes and news. Later on, the former faculty members headed to the Welch-Ryang Auditorium to attend the annual Christmas chapel with Ewha students.
The OURD has now held this event for two consecutive years and has plans for making it an annual event in the upcoming years.

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