Woori Ewha elected as 45th Student Government Association
Woori Ewha elected as 45th Student Government Association
  • Lee Sang-ha
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Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo

Woori Ewha was elected as Ewha’s 45th Student Government Association (SGA) on Dec. 1. Bong Woo-ri (Dance, 3) was elected as SGA president, and Kim Kyung-nae (Mathematical & Physical Sciences, 2) as vice president. The election was held from Nov. 28 to 30 and as Woori Ewha was the only candidate, it was preceded with a yes or no vote.
Woori Ewha gained 83.8 percent of ballots in favor from a voter turnout of 51.9 percent, with 7,634 ballots from the eligible 14,706 students. The election period had to be  prolonged for a day as the voter turnout of the entire student population did not reach 50 percent by the original deadline. On the original date of the election, the voter turnout remained at a mere 47.5 percent. Voting rates need to exceed 50 percent in order for an election to hold valid. Woori Ewha’s official term will start from January 2013.
“We would like to thank Ewha students for voting and trusting us,” Bong said. “During the past three weeks of campaigning, our team met many Ewha students and learned a lot. After meeting with the students, we became determined to work  harder for the community.”
Some students, however, worried about the shortcomings that might occur from having only one candidate in the election.
“Some of my friends are concerned about whether Woori Ewha is qualified enough compared to former SGAs who were elected through tough competition,” Cha Lin-ny (Social Science Education, 2) said. “Furthermore, I believe that students tend to just cast a ballot in favor of the sole candidate without deliberating on their qualifications, unless they have a serious moral defect.”
From December, Woori Ewha will embark on cutting tuition as it promised in its road map.
“We will initiate our activities by participating in the 2013 tuition deliberation committee and publicizing the tuition issue at events for freshmen in February,” Kim said. “Aside from tuition fees, we will meet with the representatives of each department to discuss plans for next year together.”

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