Woori Ewha aims for 45th SGA presidential election
Woori Ewha aims for 45th SGA presidential election
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Students’ public reaction on SGA promises are shown through survey
Illustration by Kwon Eun-bi

To find out what aspects of school life Ewha students were most concerned about and how much Woori Ewha’s campaign promises aligned with students’ interests, the Ewha Voice conducted a survey on 1,093 students of diverse majors and grades.
The questionnaire was conducted on the students of the College of Liberal Arts, College of Social Sciences, and College of Education, as well as other colleges. Students passing by places with a large floating population, such as the student cafeteria in the Human Ecology Hall, the Student Union Building, and Ewha Sarang, were also subject to answer the  questionnaire.

The above diagram shows how well the campaign promises reflect the students’ interests. Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo.

The questionnaire comprised a summary of Woori Ewha’s campaign promises and seven questions. The questions asked which promises represented the student’s interests, and which promises were the hardest for the students to identify with. They also asked how much the campaign promises in general aligned with the students’ situations and which promise they most hoped to be kept or carried out. Questions that asked for the level of correspondence between students’ interests and the campaign promises required just one answer choice; the remainder allowed the students to give more than one answer.
Regarding the level of representation by the campaign promises, 79.4 percent of students answered that the promises somewhat or fully aligned with their interests and situations, while 8.6 percent answered that the questions either did not reflect their interests well or did not reflect them at all.

The above diagram shows which campaign promise students identify with the most. Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo.

According to the survey results, the campaign promise that students identified with the most is the article about the tuition and scholarships in general. A decrease in tuition and an increase in scholarships were supported by 51.3 percent. The article that proposed an enhanced learning environment and guaranteed students’ right to learn followed in second place with 49.8 percent of students approval. This proposal included having study rooms open for 24 hours and increasing the number of absences allowed for Chapel. The article that received the third highest support from students was the proposal to increase students’ welfare regarding school facilities and lower prices at private companies within Ewha. On the other hand, Woori Ewha’s plan to boost students’ pride of Ewha through meetings with “Noteworthy Ewhaians” and working together with Ewha’s janitors was the least popular, with only 1.7 percent support from students.


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