Ateneo de Manila University
Ateneo de Manila University
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The Church of Jesus, often praised for its beautiful and modern architecture, is the highest point in the Ateneo de Manila campus. Photo provided by Belinda Jessica Caballeros.

Philippines has long been known for many things: the warm tropical weather, the beautiful beaches, the diverse wildlife, and much more. It is a country that is truly brimming with life. However, perhaps the most famous aspect of Philippine culture is the idea of Filipino hospitality. While the country itself is beautiful, I believe that any visitor would also tell you that immersing yourself in the city life of Manila, Quezon City, or Makati and interacting with the locals are a wonderful and unforgettable experience as well. In the middle of Quezon City, one of the biggest and busiest places in Philippines, you will find my school the Ateneo de Manila University. It has a beautiful yet simple campus that includes tall red-brick buildings surrounded by trees and fields of green. Every day, thousands of students fill the hallways and classrooms to attend classes conducted by some of the best minds in the world. Professors at the Ateneo de Manila University come from diverse backgrounds and often have years of experience in their respective fields. Thus, they are able to provide students with useful and practical knowledge that goes beyond what you can learn from just reading books. With more than a hundred and fifty years of excellence behind, the Ateneo de Manila University has produced some of the country’s most influential graduates which include the current president, Benigno Aquino III, and the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This tradition of excellence is still alive today as Ateneo maintains its position as one of the top universities in the country. Not only do the students of Ateneo excel in academics, but they also excel in other fields such as sports. Ateneo has won the University Athletic Association of the Philippines’ college basketball championship for the past four years and recently bagged its fifth consecutive victory. The regular student curriculum also includes various sports classes including yoga, snorkelling, basketball, break dancing, and so on. Students can also join any of the 50 different student organizations present in the school, one of which is the Ateneo Student Exchange Council. The Ateneo de Manila University and entire Philippines is filled with friendly people from diverse backgrounds who are willing to welcome you with open arms if you decide to visit us sometime.

* Belinda Jesscia Caballeros is currently studying at Ewha as an exchage student.

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