Ewha Creative Academy enlightens creativity on campus
Ewha Creative Academy enlightens creativity on campus
  • Chung Che-yoon
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Ewha Creative Academy fosters creative leaders in the field of MICE
Ewha Creative Academy offers various courses that teaches the skills those are required for students to work in the field of MICE. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

Beginning this fall semester, Ewha launched the Ewha Creative Academy, which consists of various education programs for students, such as the Ewha MICE (Meeting Incentives Convention Exhibition) Academy and English presentation. The academy will receive funding from the government for three years, as it is one of the projects associated with the Creative Industry of Seoul, through which the government aims to promote future workers in the field of MICE.
Since the main goal of the MICE industry is to attract and satisfy tourists who come to Korea for specific purposes, the field requires people who are professional and creative.
“Ewha showed excellence on its subject curricula and employment rate compared to those of other universities,” said Yang Hye-sun, the manager of the Creative Industry team.
The program first took from when the Department of International Office Administration was selected as the Business of Creative Academy by the government on July 23, earning positive results on its student management and specific care for student employment. Since then, the Ewha Creative Academy began to build liaisons with the Korea MICE Association to develop different courses for those who are specialized in the MICE fields, and nurture future female specialists in the field to satisfy the demand. Students can participate in the courses provided by the academy regardless of their major. “Ewha was founded under the motto of promoting excellent women labor,” said Park Ji-ae, a researcher from the executive office of the Ewha Creative Academy. “Therefore, it can contribute to society by providing appropriate education.”
 Moreover, in association with the Korea MICE Association, Korea Organizers Exhibition Association, and other related corporations, the Ewha Creative Academy will build a consortium to meet the labor demand in MICE and will provide a constant career networking system for students even after their employments. The follow-up career networking is planned to be done through various courses offered by the Ewha Creative Academy
On campus, the Ewha Creative Academy offers education courses for students to participate, including Ewha MICE Academy, Convention Planning & Management in Practicum, English Presentation, Convention Planning & Management, and Internship II.
These courses have been offered to students starting this semester. Experts from each specific field will be instructing the courses. Most of the instructors are the professors in the International Office Administration major, but some of them are from outside of school. For example, the English presentation course includes special lectures by Rah Seoung-yun, a renowned spokesperson in Korea.
“The courses that we offer are differentiated from that of the other organizations as all programs are in association with experts specialized in the field of MICE, which helps students to focus more on practical aspects,” Park said.
 The programs that the Ewha Creative Academy offers are not only for undergraduate students, but also for students who have already been employed. Courses such as MICE manager and Meeting Professionals International Training are for students who are currently working in the field, serving the function of follow-up care by the Ewha Creative Academy. These courses aim to develop capabilities that are required for MICE employees, such as managing teams, projects, and teaching.
“We expect students who completed the courses to be competent in the field of MICE,” Park said. “Also, we plan to give broader opportunities for Ewha students to be successful in and out of their careers.

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