Osaka Jyogakuin University
Osaka Jyogakuin University
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The main gate of Osaka Jyogakuin University. Photo provided by Hitomi Aoki.

Osaka Jyogakuin University was founded in 1884 and has 128 year-old history. This school is an educational community based on Christianity. Currently, 530 students, all female, are enrolled in Osaka Jyogakuin University. Since the university itself is not so big, students and professors are very close to one another. Therefore, the campus has home-like atmosphere. Osaka Jyogakuin University aims to foster people to search for knowledge, respect themselves as well as others, have the power of insight supported by accurate knowledge and rich sensitivity, and participate actively in society. It offers three programs for students, such as international collaboration, international business and international communication. Especially, international collaboration is divided into four classes: “peace study,” “environmental issues,” “gender study,” and “international relationship.” Not only students learn to be professional in the specific field, but also are they allowed to take various classes. For example, collaboration course students can take business classes, and also business students can take collaboration classes. Therefore, students are able to develop broad range of knowledge. All the classes respect each student as an individual. Since the opening of the university, it has maintained small class sizes which allows 15-20 students in one class, and provides a detailed curriculum designed especially for the needs of the students. Some of them are conducted in seminar-style lessons, which offers students many opportunities to do presentation and have conversation with each other. They could learn to have their own identities and opinions. The beginner and basic classes are taught in Japanese but some of the upper classes are taught in English. Also, Osaka Jyogakuin University strongly recommends using Apple electronic devices such as IPod, IPad and IPhone in classes, so students can study in more advanced environment. As a matter of fact, there are few exchange students in Osaka Jyogakuin University as it is a small school. However, students still welcome exchange students.If you come to Osaka Jyogakuin University, you can make a lot of Japanese friends. You can go to many exciting places with them. Osaka Jyogakuin University is located at the center of the Osaka. Therefore, you can visit Osaka, Nara and Kyoto with no difficulties. Since these are very famous places in Japan, you will deeply understand Japanese traditional and current cultures, politics and social issues. Moreover, you can gain new experience and knowledge in Japan. It would be a memorable experience for you to study in Osaka Jyogakuin University.

* Hitomi Aoki is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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