BK21 Program evaluates six Ewha Research Teams as “outstanding”
BK21 Program evaluates six Ewha Research Teams as “outstanding”
  • Hur Jin
  • 승인 2012.09.30 14:37
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The BK21 (Brain Korea 21) Program assessed six out of 14 Ewha Research Teams as “outstanding” on Sept. 5.Research teams positively evaluated include: Division of Nano Sciences from the Chemistry & Nano Science department, BK21 Global Leaders in Social Work from Ewha Graduate School of Social Welfare, Custom-Tailored Professional Education for Bio-food Industries from the Nutritional Science & Food Management department, Ewha Mathematics Science and Research Team from the Mathematics department, and A Study on Social Conflict Management Through Law from the Department of Law.Sixty-five universities with a total of 500 research teams were evaluated over a period of four months, resulting in 186 research teams being assessed as “outstanding,” and 240 teams as “very good.”Among Ewha’s teams, the Research Team for Multi-displinary Food Evaluation System from the Food Science & Engineering major was selected as one of the outstanding research teams to receive the Education, Science and Technology Ministerial Citation.Additionally, three research teams from the Chemistry & Nano Science department, Ewha Graduate School of Social Welfare, and Nutritional Science & Food Management department will be able to share the results of their research by participating in the BK21 Program Accomplishment Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) on Oct. 23.The BK21 Program was founded by the MEST and the National Research Foundation of Korea to promote specialization programs in graduate schools and to develop competitive research environments, in part through generous grants.Each year, both the founding institutions of the program evaluate the performance of the research teams involved in diverse fields of studies.The BK21 Program has been carried out since 2006 and will end in February next year, having completed its planned seven years of operation.

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