Department of Clothing & Textile holds photo exhibition
Department of Clothing & Textile holds photo exhibition
  • Chung Yoon-young
  • 승인 2012.09.30 14:36
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The Fashion Design Lab’s exhibition is held at the Hyundai Department Store. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

The Fashion Design Lab in the Department of Clothing & Textile held a photo exhibition at the Shinchon Hyundai Department Store from Sept. 17 to 23. Selected as one of the projects for the “2012 Ewha Global Top 5 Project (Ewha-GT5),” this photo exhibition also commemorates the 10th anniversary of the lab. The “Ewha-GT5” is a three-year project to invest 100 million won to researches in specialized fields that will make Ewha a global pioneer among universities.The Office of Research received applications for the “promising field” category, which supports projects with potential to grow and improve. Eighteen projects applied to receive funding, and eight of them were selected. The Fashion Design Lab’s “Establishment [of] global fashion & textile leader research agency for domination of Korean wave market” project was selected to receive funding from the Ewha-GT5, and the photo exhibition displayed the results of the project. Led by professor Lee In-seong (Clothing & Textile), this project seeks to play a key role in improving the domestic fashion and textile industry and become the industrial center of textile fashion content that uses the Korean wave. It is also expected to discover a new way to globalize the domestic textile fashion industry. Originally held in the Ewha Campus Complex from July 31 to Aug. 4, the exhibition was invited to be displayed again by the Shinchon Hyundai Department Store. The exhibition was prepared from 2011, which marked the 10th anniversary of the lab’s establishment. The theme of the exhibition was “Ewha Fashion Design Lab Story,” using the lives of the lab members as its motive. Not only the current students but also many graduates working in various fashion fields took part in preparing for the exhibition. “It was an honor to be preparing for the exhibition after getting selected as one of the Ewha-GT5 projects,” said Son Yi-jeong, a student at the Graduate School of Clothing & Textile, a participant who is currently working for a Doctor of Philosophy degree. “Despite the challenging preparation process, I think it helped foster global fashion and textile leaders.” The exhibition also drew attention for being co-directed by Kim Bo-ha, a photographer famous for his shots of celebrities and wedding pictures.

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