Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 1
Knowledge Sharing: Progress and Prospects 1
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Spreading insights of Ewha through Knowledge Sharing


To build an Ewha network, spread the brand, and share knowledge, Ewha has established Virtual Ewha. The Virtual Ewha organization group was founded during the spring semester of 2012, and now continues to carry out its objectives. The main content of Virtual Ewha is creating an Ewha entity within the virtual space and playing a leading role in increasing virtual society. Simply put, educational content provided on campus will be transformed into digital content, displayed and shared through virtual space, and used for various purposes including educational support, research support, sharing of knowledge, publicity and networking. unjust
The core services of Virtual Ewha are: Smart Learning, Smart Research, Knowledge Sharing, Ewha Extension, and Community and Networking.


The Institute of Teaching & Learning (ITL) organized the Knowledge Sharing service with the idea of sharing knowledge contents  developed at Ewha with society. Digitally recorded lectures and seminars are uploaded on several different channels and are easily accessible online.
The ITL’s rationale for the project is that there are diverse ideas and knowledge being taught and developed on campus, and the school seeks to share these with the wider public audience.
“By sharing, Ewha can not only carry out the fundamental obligation of universities serving society, but it also fits some of the values of Ewha,” said Cheon Yun-pil, the organizer and manager of the Knowledge Sharing system at the ITL.
Through Knowledge Sharing, the ITL believes that there will be a progressive development in the quality of school education.
“Once professors transfer their lectures into digital contents and review their classes, they will be able to self-examine and reflect,” Cheon said. “Thus students will be able to receive higher quality education, and the school will be able to upgrade its competitiveness in education.”
Within the Knowledge Sharing service, there are subsections which build up to the larger image. These outlet channels include: YouTube EDU, Ewha Open Course Ware (OCW), and Korea Open Course Ware (KOCW).

* Reporter: Ko Min-seok & Chung Che-yoon & Lee Sang-ha
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