Ewha Natural History Museum opens online service
Ewha Natural History Museum opens online service
  • In So-young
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The E-learning special exhibition, organize by the Ewha National History Museum, is offering its online Web site program since Aug. 1. Photo provided by Seo Su-yeon.
The Ewha Natural History Museum launched an online E-learning service on Aug. 1 which was programmed and designed by students from the College of Art & Design. The E-learning service will be available through the museum Web site for the first time since it was developed offline in 2005.
The E-learning program is  organized by the museum stands for electric learning. The program allows visitors to explore the contents of special exhibitions and provides education using touch screen computers and microscopes.
In order to make the online Web site for the E-learning program, professor Yu Hyun-jung (Media Interaction Design) and senior students from the College of Art & Design participated in developing the contents for several months.
Faculty members of the museum outlined the intention and focus of the contents they wanted to be featured to the students, then asked them what they would like to display in the E-learning section. Most of the content is on themes about science, folk tales, and pictures. The students had the freedom to be creative in their designs and programming.
Visitors to the museum are diverse, ranging from kindergarteners to university students and adults.
“Teachers and students from kindergartens and elementary schools visiting the museum requested the E-learning service to become an open source so that teachers can use it as educational material,” said Seo Su-yeon, a curator of the Ewha Natural History Museum.
“For students who cannot afford to come to the museum, E-learning will be a great method to access education about the exhibition through the Web site,” Seo said.
E-learning programs are different for each special exhibition held each year.
Each new exhibition opens in January or February since there are more visitors to the museum during winter than in any other season. Topics are mostly related to living things, weather and nature.
 “Students in my senior classes all agreed on sharing their works through the online page for E-learning,” Seo said. “The students and I both thought students from the countryside and other visitors who couldn’t see the work thoroughly because of the crowds of people visiting the museum might enjoy the exhibition online and this would definitely benefit people interested in the exhibitions.”
Officials at the Ewha Natural History Museum are satisfied with the new online page for E-learning service.
“Both visitors and faculty members of the museum were satisfied with the change,” Seo said. “I felt sorry for visitors who came in previous seasons. The newly launched online page will continue to provide the knowledge and services included in previous exhibitions.”

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