“Favorite Ewha” presents student activities and achievements
“Favorite Ewha” presents student activities and achievements
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The Student Service Center (SSC) from the Office of Student Affairs plans to hold “Favorite Ewha” from Sept. 25 to 27 at the first floor lobby of the Student Union building. The event is held under the theme of clubs that achieved outstanding results in various fields among students.
The “Favorite Ewha” exhibition was first held last semester with student clubs that only belonged to Ewha. Those clubs participating in the exhibition introduced their activities and achievements during the past five years.
However, this semester’s “Favorite Ewha” extended the participating clubs to any clubs in and out of Ewha in order to offer broader view of activities student clubs do.
The SSC had a presentation about the goal and procedure of “Favorite Ewha” on Sept. 6 and received applications until Sept. 10. Ten clubs were announced and had an orientation on Sept. 12.
Ten selected clubs are Howoo, Soft Brain, TWO FIVE, Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciale (AISEC), ACTION, Sae Rang, EWHA United Nations Students Association (UNSA), HEWA, E. Roem, and Ewha Live Library.
Club members participating in the exhibition anticipates the event.
“While learning about children with developmental disability, we found interesting facts which are different from common knowledge people have towards them,” said Gi Eun-byeol (Chemistry & Nano Science, 2), head of the Howoo, a volunteering club at Ewha.
“I wanted to share those facts with other students at Ewha and also inform students about what Howoo does for them.”
The SSC supports participating clubs by offering booths, materials, and other expenses necessary for the fair. It will also award the best students’ club with 300,000 won.
“I am looking forward to ‘Favorite Ewha’ since the exhibition is expected to be a stepping stone to informing people with various knowledge and also foster contentment of students at Ewha,” said An Yoon-jin, a staff member of the SSC. “The SSC plans to hold ‘Favorite Ewha’ every semester in the same form and put the best effort into increasing the satisfaction of the Ewha students about the school.

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