KCRI begins lectures on Korean culture in English
KCRI begins lectures on Korean culture in English
  • Chung Yoon-young
  • 승인 2012.09.18 09:26
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The Korea Culture Research Institute (KCRI) at Ewha is planning to hold the “2012 Fall Special Five Lectures on Korean Culture” from Oct. 2 until Nov. 22. The five lectures constitute the second part of the lecture series of the KCRI’s “Global Ewha Project,” which was launched in 2011.
“The ‘Global Ewha Project’ was initiated to provide a chance for Ewha’s Korean students to learn more about the culture of their home country so that they might use their knowledge as a basis for understanding other cultures as well,” said professor Choi Joon-sik (Korean Studies), the director of the KCRI and lecturer of the program.
In contrast to the first part of this year’s lectures, which runs from Sept. 27 to Nov. 22 and are given in Korean, the “2012 Fall Special Five Lectures on Korean Culture” will be given in English.
“The KCRI is giving English lectures for the first time this year, because with such diverse groups of foreign students now at Ewha, we wanted to give them a way to learn and experience Korean culture,” said Song Hye-na, a researcher at the KCRI. “Since an understanding of Korea is necessary for Ewha’s foreign students to grasp their studies more clearly, these lectures will be meaningful. That’s why the school has decided to provide lessons about Korea to students who might otherwise have few chances to learn about Korean culture.”
“In addition, the lectures will allow positive interactions between us and the students, thereby enabling us to know what is most of interest about Korea to foreign students,” Song said.
The “2012 Fall Special Five Lectures on Korean Culture” will cover various facets of Korea’s culture, including Korean identity and religion, the Korean lifestyle, and Korea’s cultural heritage. The lectures will also touch upon topics currently in the spotlight, such as K-Pop.
Following the belief that learning about culture should be open to everyone, the KCRI has made the lectures this year available not only to students but to professors and other members of the Ewha family as well.
Those who wish to sign up can register for any of the five lectures by paying 15,000 won per lecture, or 50,000 won for all five lectures. The application form can be downloaded at the KCRI homepage (http://kcri.ewha.ac.kr/) and submitted by e-mail. The KCRI will reply by e-mail to confirm registration.
“Students in the Graduate School of International Studies have signed up as a group for these lectures, and we have received many registration applications from Ewha’s foreign exchange students and employees as well,” Song said. “Professor Choi is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of Korean Studies, and the KCRI hopes many other students will be encouraged to take this valuable chance of learning about Korean culture.”

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