Taking the long road
Taking the long road
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My brother certainly is a bad runner. Knowing that for years made it even hard for me to believe that he topped in a physical test (PT) at his company when he was serving military service as KATUSA (Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army). All soldiers from the company were required to run two miles, and the top three runners who reach the end the fastest would receive a vacation as a reward.
During the PT, my brother ran into a forked road. As a part of his daily morning exercises he knew which one was the right way to go, but knew that it would take him much longer. Other soldiers automatically swerved toward the other path that led to a short-cut.
My brother alone with his subordinate chose to run the right path but soon was full of regret thinking how bad he wanted to go home. Then, he realized that he already made his choice and was already on the road, running. The only choice left with was to decide to stick with the decision he  made and make the best out of it. So he did. After only twenty minutes of panting and sweating, he was facing the finish line. Fifty minutes later, the rest of the crew came running in. As it turned out, the senior officers had changed the signs of direction beforehand, so the other people who thought they were running the short-cut were actually taking the longer course.
When you first choose to run down a road, cannot see what is on the end of it but you can decide to put faith in the decision you made in the first place, and believing that you can make it right by fully devoting yourself to it. Like that, my brother got his first vacation and came home. The slow-poke’s running record still remains as the top ten in his company.
In life, we constantly have to make big and small choices for ourselves. Sometimes people worry too much about whether they are making the right or wrong decisions. They analyze their situation or problems, measure it by numbers, and try to find as much objectiveness in their options. Many collapse in tears out of frustration.
However as Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo and former vice president of Google, once said, there is not a right answer to any situation. Instead, there are numbers of options, and then there is the one option that you pick and that you commit to and that you make great.
Right now, I do not believe it’s only me whose worries are at its peak trying to make the “right” next step in life and career. Social pressure corner people into thinking there is a set answer sheet in life, defining matters by “right” and “wrong,” and calculating and graphing the pros and cons out will actually help them to find “the answer.”
Most of us are probably wandering somewhere along the path we already decided to run into, and some are still biting our nails at a crossroad. It does not matter where you are and whether if your friends are running ahead of you at another path. The right answer is to make a choice and be committed to it, so when you have chosen your path then put some faith in your decision and start running. Remember that nothing worth having comes easy; Have courage to face the possibilities of getting lost during the run and patience for the seemingly endless courses.

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