Complaints reported, registered and solved 5
Complaints reported, registered and solved 5
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Ewha application updated for smart phone users

The Office of Information and Communications, the Institute for Teaching & Learning, and the Office of Admissions and Communications participated in upgrading the Ewha smart phone application in August in response to reports of frequent technical errors and the absence of several services, as reported in March.
Two years after initiating the Ewha application, the three departments redesigned the main screen of the application, and added a new function regarding the reading rooms and libraries. It also updated the phone directories of school facilities and the menus of the school cafeterias.
“The idea of upgrading the Ewha application was suitable for these days since most of us use smart phones,” Kang Min-ji (Media Studies, 1) said.

* Reporter: Hur Jin & In So-young & Oh Seo-jin

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