Complaints reported, registered and solved 4
Complaints reported, registered and solved 4
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More efficient campus road safety measures implemented

Illustration by Kahng Sun-woo.

On Nov. 7, 2011, the Ewha Voice reported rising concerns about campus road safety. Although about 1,600 to 1,700 vehicles, many of which ignore the speed limit, travel in and out of the campus daily posing a great threat to pedestrians, not enough safety measures had been implemented.
The measures, which had been ineffective, had merely been the following: instructions and speed limit signs for drivers.
With students’ complaints growing, the school recently acknowledged the possible catastrophe its lack of effective preventive measures could bring and took action.
In its initial attempt to improve road safety, the Facilities Maintenance Department at the Office of Financial Affairs ordered a construction of five new speed bumps in areas around the Ewha Campus Complex, the Main Hall, the Arts & Design Building A, and the Ewha-POSCO building.
It also plans to construct another speed bump on the road between the Graduate School Building and the Student Union Building. It will slowly increase the number of speed bumps in areas without sidewalks as well.
Besides constructing speed bumps, the office also seeks to install more crosswalks near the speed bumps in the near future.

* Reporter: Hur Jin & In So-young & Oh Seo-jin

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