Complaints reported, registered and solved 3
Complaints reported, registered and solved 3
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ITL opens new Cyber Campus based on Moodle system

The Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) opened its newly refurbished Cyber Campus based on the Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) system in response to complaints of its instability which caused frequent errors as reported on May 23.
In an attempt to provide a more stabilized online campus environment, the institute held a meeting with 20 applicants who participated in discussing reported problems of the Cyber Campus.
During the meeting, institute staff members listened to the students’ ideas and reflected them in updating the Cyber Campus on May 30.
Finally, the ITL opened a new Cyber Campus based on the Moodle system on Aug. 20, applying the new system for this semester. The Moodle system was tested with 100 classes last semester and from now on, all classes will use the system.
“The Moodle system is a free source e-learning software system to help students and professors create online courses,” said Nam Jung-hyun, an institute official.
The updated Cyber Campus was improved to work harmoniously with multi-browsers and be compatible with smart phones, both of which were problems reported to be a discomfort from many students last year. Recurring errors that kept students from using the Cyber Campus were also reset so the number of error notifications have diminished.
“We will continuously take the opinions of students and professors to improve the usability of the Cyber Campus,” Nam said.
Students, however, react that the new system can be difficult to use.
“It was a little confusing using it at the first time, but I think it will be very useful once I become accustomed to it,” Rhee Hanna (Christian Studies, 1) said.

* Reporter: Hur Jin & In So-young & Oh Seo-jin

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