University of Cordoba
University of Cordoba
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Above is Campus Ravanales, the biggest campus in the university. Photo provided by Ruben Romero Medel.

The first I have to say is that Cordoba is an ideal city to experience and learn Spanish culture because it is a universal city. Moreover, Cordoba offers the same opportunities as cities such as Madrid or Barcelona but without the dangers and distractions. Also, the city is not saturated with international students, allowing exchange students to interact more with Spanish students.
I want to explain that my university does not only have just one campus where there are all the colleges, such as the buildings where you will study depending on your major like science, letters dedicated to the teaching of humanities and social sciences, education and law.
You will have a tutor that will help you with issues that you have and provide you at least two cultural activities each month. The activities include visiting monuments of the city, attending spectacles like flamenco performances and sports events, and visiting museums. Also, depending on the major you study, the university provides activities like guided visit to the mosque-cathedral or a visit to the little towns near of Cordoba to know important things about Spanish culture. You can further participate in groups of language interchange with students of Spain and others countries and learn diverse languages.
In addition, there is an organization called ESN Erasmus, that provides you with activities like trips to others cities of Spain and near countries like Portugal. You can even go to parties in different pubs of the city each week and participate in soccer matches as well. In all these activities, international and Spanish students can participate altogether.
In conclusion, among all the activities and places you can visit in Cordoba, here are some suggestions: Museum Julio Romero de Torres, a famous painter from Cordoba; Bullfighting Museum; Fine Arts Museum; Archaeological Museum; zoo, botanical garden, mosque-cathedral, Alcazar of Christian kings, Almodovar Castle, ruins of Medina Azahara; the old Jewish synagogue; Arab baths.
May is a big month in Cordoba and there are cultural events like May crossings, wine tasting, contest and festival grounds, and contest popular bars and balconies.
To end, if you want to study in Spain, I strongly recommend you to come to the University of Cordoba, you will have great experiences and you will learn a lot while enjoying your time here.

* Ruben Romero Medel is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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