Bern, core city of Switzerland
Bern, core city of Switzerland
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Bern University of Applied Science offers course with a practical orientation at its three sites in Berne, Bienne and Burgdorf. Photo provided by Park Hwan-hee.

First, I would like to explain the university where I was an exchange student for one semester. The Bern University of Applied Sciences (BAUS) is situated in the canton of Bern, which hosts the Swiss capital of the same name. The BAUS comprises six departments in various locations in and near Bern.
Over 6,000 students are enrolled in 28 bachelor degree programs; 19 master degree programs; a variety of executive master, diploma, and certificate of advanced studies programs and seminars.
My major in Ewha Womans University is Media Studies, more specifically Advertising and Public Relations. However, there is no department of Media Studies in BAUS.
Thankfully, the school’s Business Administration Department and Advertising and Business Administration have the marketing area in common, which is why I chose to visit this university.
During last semester in BAUS, I realized that this university offers a wide-ranging discipline to students. It not only involves the study of internal and external business processes, or the various tasks and functions in the company, but also the areas of future orientation such as strategy and planning, corporate direction in terms of culture and structure, and optimum interaction with the social and business environment. Also, the program constitutes an ideal combination of competences: professional, methodological, social, and individual. It provides an optimally structured course to meet the demands of future career in business and management.
There is more to Switzerland than mountains and chocolate.
Apart from the splendid tourist attractions, I could discover an excellent place to live, work and study. Located in the heart of Europe, the country offers an exciting culture mix, breathtaking landscapes, and excellent career opportunities.
Switzerland also stands for a high quality life and a safe living environment. Swiss hospitality and discretion made the stay in the small country most enjoyable.

* Park Hwan-hee (Advertising & Public Relations, 3) studied at Bern, Switzerland.

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