New access system to shower room introduced for students
New access system to shower room introduced for students
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2012.05.25 16:44
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The new card reader is installed for the student shower room. Photo by Kahng Sun-woo.

The Student Welfare Center (SWC) announced changes in students’ access system to the shower room located in the Student Union Building on May 21 from using a digital door lock with an access number to a card reading system.
 With the new system, students are allowed to access to the shower room by using their student ID cards to the card reader.
As the construction for the card reader installation started on May 9, students had made use of the shower room with the existing system by inputting access numbers until May 20. From the next day, the new system was initiated.
Before the new system was introduced, more than a few students had made complaints about the inconvenience of using the existing entry system to the shower room.
“Many students, including myself, could not use the shower room since we did not only know about the access code itself, but also did not know whom to ask about this,” Son Bo-lim (International Studies, 1) said. “However, I think more students will be able to utilize this facility frequently from now on because we can easily access to the shower room just by using our student ID card.”
The SWC introduced the new access system to control visitors’ access and reinforce the security for users, as well as solve the problem of inconvenience, which students pointed out on the existing access system to the shower room. Until now, the SWC has informed student representatives of each club and the Student Government Association of the access code to the shower room.
“We allowed the students to deliver the information to other students verbally,” said An Yoon-jin, a staff member of the Student Service Center. “However, we changed the system as it turned out to be ineffective and many students had inquiries about the access code to us directly.”
While some students complained about the inconvenience of the original access system, others did not know the very existence of the shower facility that students can use for free.
“Even though I have visited the Student Union Building several times, I have never seen any notice or announcement about the shower room for students,” Kim Su-hyun (Life Sciences, 2) said. “I think this facility is clearly useful for students especially during exam period. I wish the SWC puts up a notice on more bulletin boards, which contains information about how to use the shower room.”

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