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Wuhan University
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The university where I studied in China is called Wuhan University.  Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province, which is in the middle of China. In my eyes, Wuhan is a city with much traffic, so my first impression of it was not good. The citizens there were always talking to me in a loud voice, which may appear to be unfriendly. However, now I know it is not the case at all. It is just a way of them to show their friendship and kindness.
The people there are always hot tempered. Maybe it is the influence of the hot and extreme climate. In short, it is a city that has its own characteristics and style. Once you come there and the longer you live, the more you will get to know the true spirits of it and finally fall in love with it.
My university is famous for its beautiful scenery. It is constructed in an ancient Chinese architecture style. The buildings are built brick by brick and they have a history of hundreds of years. Our school is located in the foot of Luojia Mountain, and it is enveloped by East Lake.
In Chinese culture, we always say that mountains make a place attractive with water. The mountain and the water make the school lively. In the summer, summer storms are quite common. Whenever a summer storm passes, the water level will go up and we often makes jokes that we can go to the sea instead of the lake. It is really splendid to see the view after a storm.
The campus is quite big, and maybe it is the biggest and also the most beautiful campus in China. It takes about 20 minutes for us to walk from the dorm to the classroom. The dorms are divided according to the flowers of different seasons.
Our school is famous for the cherry blossom festival, which is so popular and well-known. The trees are first planted when Japan invaded China. At that time, the Japanese soldiers were in Wuhan, and the war lasted longer than they had expected, so the general just planted the trees in case they missed their country so much. Then the trees just stayed there. However, nowadays the trees are the presents from Japan and they have become the symbols of the friendly relationship between China and Japan. The festival takes place at the end of March, when the cherry flowers bloom. At that time, the campus is full of people, but the students always feel like the campus has become a tourist site rather than a place for study, so every year they protest by participating in boycotts. They also try to write letters to the headmaster.
In our school, we take two kinds of courses. One is the courses for our own major, and the other is those open to all the students and we can choose whatever we want. The public courses are divided into four areas, such as social science, math, international and cross culture. For each area we have to complete three credits and all together we have to complete 12 credits for the public course. As for the course about our major, there also are two different kinds. One is mandatory and the other is voluntary. On weekends, we always have chance to listen to some awesome lectures on different topics. Sometimes some famous professors give us lectures, and other times film directors  come to our school and talk with the students.
Also we have rock and roll music festival every year. The famous student bands and singers always present fantastic performances.
When you come to our school, you can never miss the movie night every Friday evening. The movie to be shown is written on a poster in advance and posted outside on the outdoor playground wall, also known as the outdoor theatre for WHUers. Then, when Friday evening comes, students will bring their chairs with them to see the film either with their friends or with their loved ones. It is such an amazing experience that I dare say you can never forget. Even though it is just a simple and not even a qualified theatre, it is really important for every WHUers. It is a symbol of memories, the days we spent together with our friends or lovers, those hot summers or freezing cold winter nights we spent together and those movies which made us laugh to death or burst into tears.
The atmosphere in our school is liberal. So students can do things they want to and have chances to chase after their dreams. Up to now, we have had many handmade postcards and also two music albums of our school. They are all made by students themselves and they are definitely a part of the WHU culture. So if you have a chance, you should visit my school. I am sure you will have a special experience that is quite different from that in Ewha. We, as WHUers, welcome you!

* Shiye Fu is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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