Ewha Alumnae hold children drawing contest
Ewha Alumnae hold children drawing contest
  • Jeon Ji-won
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Ewha Womans University Alumni Association (EWUAA) hosted the 1st Children Drawing Contest for Ewha Family on the campus on May 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Two hundred grandchildren and children under 10 years old of Ewha alumnae and staff members participated in the contest.
EWUAA planned the drawing contest in order to encourage married and alumnae raising children to participate more in alumnae events.
“Some of the young alumnae participated less in alumnae events relative to the ones who work or are not married because they are busy raising their kids so, EWUAA thought they would participate more if we held an event where those married alumnae could bring their children,” said Park Yoo-na (’81, Ceramic Arts), the vice president of the EWUAA.
The drawing contest was held to send supporting messages to the alumnae who now have their own families.
“When graduates get married and suddenly feel empty, it is reassuring just to know that there is your alma mater behind always supporting you. Though this is only a small event, I wanted our alumnae to realize that we are standing behind you together,” Park said.
The participating children drew students or scenery on Ewha campus on the spot and submitted their work to the judging panel.
The awards ceremony was held at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium after the alumnae and participants had lunch prepared by the EWUAA.
The judges consisted of Ewha alumnae: Park Hye-sung (’78, Interior and Fashion Design), who is the 25th president of Ewha College of Art and Design Alumnae Association, Kwon Eun-hui (’80, Korean Painting), the current president and Choi Eun-kyung (’79, Sculpture), U Sun-ok (’81, Painting), and Kim Mi-kyung (’87, Ceramic Arts), who are currently professors at the Ewha College of Art and Design.
The contest was not only a memorable activity for their children but also an opportunity for the Ewha alumnae to share their college memories with their children.
 “I got to know about the contest while I was browsing the Ewha alumnae homepage,” Lee Hyun-joo (’96, Social Studies) said. “My child loves drawing which instantly made me sign up for the contest. In addition, I have been wanting to show my child what the school I went to a while ago looks like.”
EWUAA expects the contest to be remembered as a heart-warming experience for both the alumnae and their children.
“I hope Ewha alumnae would come to Ewha feeling like visiting their mother’s house they grew up in. I also hope the children to find warmth at Ewha, their mothers’ school,” Park said.

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