Ewha Journalist Club commemorates 12th annual awards ceremony
Ewha Journalist Club commemorates 12th annual awards ceremony
  • Lee Ji-hyun
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President Kim Sun-uk, Joh Jung-nam (’75, Medicine), and members of the Ewha Journalist Club are participating in the 12th General Meeting.
The Ewha Journalist Club held its 12th General Meeting and presented several “Ewha Journalist of the Year Awards” at the Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building on April 25. This year’s awards went to Ji Young-seo (’76, Home Management), Lee Eun-seuk (’80, Political Science and International Studies), and Ryu In-ha (’02, Law).
“This year’s Ewha Journalist of the Year Awards were given to alumnae who sensed changes in the global village and captured the transition through journalism,” said Jeon Bok-su, the president of the Ewha Journalist Club.
The “Ewha Journalist of the Year Awards” ceremony was adopted in 2001 to reward Ewha Graduates who became outstanding professional journalists, thereby expanding women’s role in society.
Established in 1997, the Ewha Journalist Club consists of 400 alumnae working in the fields of national television, newspapers, journalism, production development, announcing, and screen writing.
 The club was organized to promote a network among alumnae and assist students interested in journalism through scholarship programs and career seminars.
The three alumnae who received this year’s awards have special achievements.
Ji Young-seo, an announcer of the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) who has been working since 1978, is currently head of the Korean Research Department of KBS. During the ceremony, Ji’s contribution to the development of the KBS Korean Language Proficiency Test was recognized.
Lee Eun-seuk, meanwhile, served as editor-in-chief at Womansense Magazine for 14 years. Lee has also been contributing to the parenting magazine “i best baby” since 2009.
Ryu In-ha, a journalist of  Kyunghyang Shinmun, has received the 16th Samsung journalism award for conveying the agony and pain of Korean teenagers suffering from bullies and competition through a newspaper serial story titled “Teens are Sick.”
“The experience as a member of Ewha Womans University Broadcasting System and hosting school festivals was a great stepping stone for my career,” Ji said.
“The award is an encouragement for me to further contribute to the correct use of the Korean language and send out good will and happiness to the elderly through television programs.”

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