Colleges of Ewha hold discussion meetings for international students
Colleges of Ewha hold discussion meetings for international students
  • Hur Jin
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The College of Social Sciences held its 2012 Discussion Meeting for International Students in room B152 of the Ewha-POSCO Building on May 2. In all, 47 students participated in the event; 33 international students and 14 student representatives from all of the departments in the College of Social Sciences.
The College of Social Sciences hosted such an event with the aim of helping international students by listening to their difficulties in school life.
“We hoped to advise the students in how to successfully achieve their academic goals and further assist their adjustment in Ewha,” said Kim Yung-shin, the manager of the College of Social Sciences.
The meeting was divided into two sessions; the opening of the ceremony and the discussion meetings with international students.
The first session of the meeting started off with the introduction of all the head professors of each department in the college. The ceremony continued with an encouraging speech given by professor Yang Seung-tae (Political Science & International Relations), the dean of the College of Social Sciences.
The second session began after a presentation on the current conditions of international students studying in Ewha. The international students and the head professors then met separately in designated rooms to further discuss the students’ school lives.
“I personally believe the second part of the event was very meaningful as it provided the opportunity for international students to make connections with the professors,” said Chang Yu (Journalism, 4), an international student from China.
The discussion meeting for international students was first initiated by the College of Liberal Arts last year. Since then, other colleges at Ewha have followed this innovation and held such meetings for international students.
Five colleges have held such meetings this year; Scranton College, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Health Sciences.
The most recently held meeting was by the College of Social Sciences, and officials look forward to hold another discussion meeting again next year.
“We plan to analyze the feedback received from the head professors during the discussion and try our best to alleviate the hardships international students face,” Kim said.

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