Ewha holds Yanghwajin Annual Requiem for figures of Ewha’s foundation
Ewha holds Yanghwajin Annual Requiem for figures of Ewha’s foundation
  • Lee Min-jeong
  • 승인 2012.05.11 17:31
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Clock-wise from left, Mary Fletcher Scranton, Rosetta Sherwood Hall, Alice Rebecca Appenzeller, Mary R. Hilman, and Josephine Ophelia Paine.
Commemorating the 126th anniversary of Ewha, the Office of General Administration and the Office of the Chaplain will hold the “Yanghwajin Annual Requiem” on May 15.
About 60 school members including Ewha President Kim Sun-uk, heads of the Office of the Chaplain, and faculties who were appointed after June 2011 will attend. In addition, students from the Ewha Voice, Ewha Weekly, and Ewha Womans University Broadcasting System will participate in the requiem as student representatives.
This annual requiem started in 1997 and has been held to honor teachers of the early years of Ewha and commemorate their love and devotion through the worship. The worship will take place at the Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery located at Mapo-gu in Seoul. The cemetery is for foreign missionaries and their families who wished to be buried in Korea. Five significant Ewha teachers are buried inside the cemetery: Mary Fletcher Scranton, the founder of the Ewha Hakdang; Josephine Ophelia Paine, the third president of Ewha; Alice Rebecca Appenzeller, the sixth president of Ewha and starter of Ewha College in 1925; Mary R. Hilman, the head of the Ewha Hakdang; and Rosetta Sherwood Hall, the predecessor of present-day Ewha Womans University Medical Center.

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