School library introduces new services to students
School library introduces new services to students
  • Chung Che-yoon
  • 승인 2012.05.11 17:30
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Ewha Womans University Library now offers two new services: The Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), from April 4 and Hot Articles, from April 18. The library provides both services, which offer users to access to various academic references for free.
The Korean Education & Research Information Service provides GVRL to university libraries around the world free of charge. GVRL offers over 2,700 references: 1,600 e-Books from Gale Publishing Company, 860 from Twaynes Authors Online, 85 from Scribner Writers Online, and 150 from the Contemporary China Series. All of them cover a variety of fields.
GVRL also plans to update 300 new e-books from the Gale Publishing Company every year in the service. It also allows users to search part of the reference, saving time spent looking through the whole text. In addition, the references that GVRL offers are not limited to certain fields. GVRL references can be found under “Database” at the library’s Web site (
Another service the library initiated is Hot Articles, which provides users analysis of the data usage of academic publications and the most popular publications. ExLibris company, the main provider of the free service, provides a list of hot articles, and students can view the whole text if the library holds the article.
The library expects the introduction of the new database system to provide a better research environment.
“The library will continue to offer helpful services to students. We expect students to pay constant attention to the school library,” said Kim Su-hyun, a staff member of the library.

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