Ewha and Korea Naval Academy sign MOU to facilitate exchange
Ewha and Korea Naval Academy sign MOU to facilitate exchange
  • Hur Jin
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Ewha and the Korea Naval Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in the Pfeiffer Hall on April 18. The MOU was concluded to enhance cooperation between the two schools’ exchanges in the fields of education, research, and social volunteer work.
Ewha has previously signed agreements with the Korea Military Academy and the Korea National Defense University in 2000 and the Korea Air Force Academy in 2003. The MOU was first proposed by the Korea Naval Academy as the two schools previously had plans to open a joint seminar in May.
The Office of University Planning and Coordination holds that Ewha students can receive benefits from such agreements.
“To be specific, Ewha students, especially those in the Division of Human Movement Studies, can gain a better quality education by using the facilities at the Naval Academy regarding marine sports,” said Suh Ji-in, the official in charge of the MOU between Ewha and the Korea Naval Academy.
As a part of the 2012 Ocean Forum, the Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) and the Korea Naval Academy plan to hold the Ewha-Korea Naval Academy Ocean Seminar in Jinhae-si, Gyeongsangnam Province, where the Naval Academy is located. The seminar will be included as a part of the exchange program in which Ewha students visit the Korea Naval Academy for two days starting May 18.
Organized according to the theme “East Asia’s Ocean Problems and the Future of Korea,” approximately 120 students attending from both schools will participate in the seminar. There will also be presentations on ecological adaptation, regional security, and ocean-culture-related theses, followed by discussion sessions.
The Ewha CDC hopes such an opportunity will encourage Ewha students to meet diverse students from different academic backgrounds.
“The program has the objective of overcoming the limits that a women’s university has in building relationships with various students,” said Lee Jeong-hee, the senior administrator in charge of the Ewha-Korea Naval Academy joint seminar. “Through such an exchange program with a very distinctive school, we hope to broaden the students’ viewpoints in choosing their future careers.”
Ewha students also speak positively of the signed MOU.
“I look forward to learning about the military issues that we cannot usually encounter during our studies in Ewha and hope both schools can form a good relationship through this agreement,” Kang Eun-hye (International Studies, 3) said.

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