Institute of Philosophy opens to popularize philosophy to public
Institute of Philosophy opens to popularize philosophy to public
  • Lee Sang-ha
  • 승인 2012.05.11 17:26
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The Institute of Philosophy was established with its opening ceremony at room 111 in the Humanities Building on May 11.
The institute was set up to facilitate research and discussion on the convergence among various fields of studies.
“We are living in a world where the convergence of interdisciplinary studies and the advancement of women in society are both required. The Institute of Philosophy was founded in order to meet these needs of our time,” said Han Ja-kyoung (Philosophy), the director of the institute.
The institute plans to develop diverse research activities and programs.
There are three research institutes in the Institute of Philosophy: The Center for Feminist Philosophy, The Center for Education in Logical Reasoning, and The Center for Education in Philosophy. These centers will research respectively according to their fields of study.
Furthermore, the institute will host the Thursday Philosophy Symposium eight times a semester: four times before the midterm exam period and four times after the midterm exam period.
The institute hopes to become an open agora of mutual communication among participants.
“Rather than a professional conference, the symposium will offer lectures aimed at encouraging audiences to freely express and share opinions about life and the universe. Moreover, lecturers will not be confined to the field of philosophy,” Han said.
The need for founding an institute of philosophy at Ewha had been raised among the philosophy professors more than 10 years ago.
However, it was in 2010 that they buckled down to establish one.
Through dozens of meetings, professors discussed the appropriateness of an institute and shared their research plans while simultaneously coming up with measures for raising funds, such as receiving donations from alumnae and faculty members.
Two retired professors; Sin Ok-hee (Philosophy) and Chung Dai-hyun (Philosophy) and philosophy alumnae donated for the foundation of the institute.
A lecture was given at the opening ceremony by professor Nam Kyoung-hee (Philosophy) under the theme of “Philosophy and the Formation of One’s Mind.”
The regular Thursday Philosophy Symposium will open on May 17 at 5:00 p.m. with a lecture by emeritus professor Chung under the title, “Time-Plasticity is the Condition of Our Age.”
“We hope many students participate in this symposium, and we expect to see continued interests for our institute as well,” Han said.

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