Ewha to hold Annual May Day Student Exhibition
Ewha to hold Annual May Day Student Exhibition
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Choi Eun-young (Painting, 2), works on her project for the May Day Student Exhibition.
The College of Art & Design and the Department of Clothing & Textiles will hold an annual exhibition, May Day Student Exhibition from May 21 to May 26.
This year, the exhibition will take place on the third floor of the Human Ecology Building and on every floor of the Arts & Design Building A, B, and C.
In this year’s May Day Student Exhibition, a special exhibition under the theme of “clothes-making, selling, wearing, and taking off” will take place in order to celebrate the foundation of “Textile Fashion Department in 2012.
According to the Head of the College of Art & Design Oh Sook-hwan (Korean Painting), the May Day Student Exhibition is “to present the works of the students.”
“Under the special exhibition, “Clothes-making, selling, wearing, and taking off,” artworks of established artists will also be presented,” said Oh.
All juniors under the College of Art & Design and the Department of Clothing & Textiles are presenting their art works they have made during their major courses during the exhibition.
In the case of the department of the Korean Painting, sophomore students will participate in this exhibition and the students’ art works from various majors, such as Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, and Fashion Design will be exhibited.
For many from the College of Art & Design and the Department of Clothing & Textiles, the May Day Exhibition is their first exhibition to present their work.
“Even though I am nervous about presenting my painting to the world, it is also exciting at the same time because I have put so much effort to it,” Lee Eui-jin (Korean Painting, 2) said.
“This exhibition means a lot and it is special to me considering that it is practically my first exhibition.”
Despite the time constraints in preparing for the exhibition, students are confident and proud to show their works to the public.
“Nevertheless, most students put the exhibition their first priority and worked hard. I expect the quality of the exhibition is high and I can guarantee,” said Kim Soo-min (Sculpture, 3).
A student who visited the May Day Student Exhibition last year is anticipating this year’s exhibition.
“Last year, I passed by the May Day Student Exhibition was stunned by the works of the students since I could tell that students have put a lot of effort,” said Yang Ji-young (Social Science Education, 2).
“The artwork that I remember from last year is a decayed plant with various colors of paint all over all it, showing that things that might seem useless can turn into an artwork.”

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