7th Ewha Scholarship Donors Annual Meeting held
7th Ewha Scholarship Donors Annual Meeting held
  • Oh Seo-jin
  • 승인 2012.05.11 17:21
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President Kim Sun-uk gives a speech at the 7th Ewha Scholarship Donation Event on April 25 thanking the scholarship donors.
The 7th Ewha Scholarship Donors Annual Meeting was held on April 25 in Lee Sam-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex. The event provided a valuable opportunity for scholarship donors and 56 student recipients—from a total of 114—to meet.
The Ewha Scholarship Donors  Annual Meeting was first founded in 2001 by a number of alumnae, teaching staff, and others of the Ewha family who had interest in becoming scholarship donors with the goal of fostering women leaders by awarding and further encouraging their academic excellence. The event is held annually, currently with 172 scholarship donors, 32 of whom newly joined this year.
Although the event has been held annually, this year’s meeting had considerable meaning and importance above all since donors and scholarship recipients had opportunities to meet after the donation ceremony for the first time.
“I was much impressed and felt so thankful for the generous contributions from donors. I want to return their love by becoming a donor myself in the future,” said Jung Ji-young (Exercise, Sport & Leisure Science, 4), one of the scholarship recipients, after participating in the event.
Unlike this year, previous Ewha Scholarship Donors Annual Meeting only involved appointing those who donated more than 50 million won as directors of the Ewha Scholarship Organization, lacking any interaction with students.
“The primary reason for including a donor and recipient interaction session this year is that the donors expressed a desire to see and communicate with the scholarship recipients,” said the Office of University Relations and Development.
President Kim Sun-uk expressed appreciation to Ewha family donors for their altruistic support of students.
“I hope all of you become leaders in society and continue Ewha’s traditions by practicing Ewha’s values, such as volunteering, devotion, sharing, love, and consideration in life,” said Kim.
Scholarship certificates were granted to the selected students and thank-you cards with roses were given in appreciation from students to the donors. Husbands of Ewha alumnae, so-called “Ewha’s sons-in-law,” such as An Sang-soo, the former mayor of Inchon, also participated in the event.
“I am very happy to provide an opportunity for both scholarship donors and selected student recipients to meet. It has been heartwarming to see the directors finding the true value of their donations and the students showing appreciation for the boundless love and support Ewha families give. I will never forget the moment in which a student expressed her wish to become one of the donors in the future,” said Park Dong-sook, the vice president of Office of University Relations and Development.

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