College of Music holds Ewha Spring Piano Concert
College of Music holds Ewha Spring Piano Concert
  • Yang Su-bin
  • 승인 2012.05.11 17:20
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Ewha College of Music is holding Ewha Spring Piano Concert at the Kim Young-ui Hall in the Music Building on May 16. The concert was planned to raise fund for the improvement of the quality of piano education in Ewha and was sponsored by Ewha Music Research Institute and College of Music Alumnae.
The concert will be held under the theme of “Spring and Ewha” with different piano performances of 18 professors in total and part -time lecturers from College of Music. They will be playing pieces such as Suite for 2 Pianos Op. 17 by Rachmaninoff and Porgy and Bess by Gershwin.
After the performances, there will be a session that provides students with an opportunity to have conversations with the performers of the concert.
“By holding this concert, we wanted to show Ewha professors, part time lecturers, and Ewha students creating a harmony,” an official from College of Music said. “Also we hope to show how the College of Music is making a progress to not only Ewha students but also to the College of Music Alumnae.”
For further information, call (02) 3277-2408. The performance is free of charge.

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