Ewha finishes construction on Science Building D
Ewha finishes construction on Science Building D
  • Kim Jin-ah
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The construction of the Science Building D will be completed soon and the dedicatory ceremony of the new building will be held on May 23.
The construction on the building began in July 2010, and it took almost two years to complete. The Science Building D, equipped with the most advanced laboratories, classrooms, and professors’ offices, is located between the Science Building A and B. Also it is connected with each building. It consists of seven floors in total–five floors and two basement floors. Eco-friendly designed, the building has a roof garden arranged in tiers pursuing harmonization with the existing Science Building A, B, and C.
“When I entered Ewha last year, Ewha was spurring the construction on the Science Building D. Though I could not concentrate on the class sometimes because of the construction noise, I could not wait until the completion of the new building as it loomed up gradually,” Kwon Hye-ryung (Life Sciences, 2) said.
Constructing the Science Building D is expected to be helpful to solve one of the urgent problems of the College of Natural Sciences which is the lack of class rooms in the existing buildings mainly used by students of the college. Due to this, many students of the College of Natural Sciences had to take some of their courses at the Ewha-POSCO Building, in which major courses of the College of Social Sciences are mainly provided.
“I expect many undergraduates  including myself will welcome the convenience provided by the new building and its facilities,” Oh Hyun-a (Molecular and Life Sciences, 1) said.
In spite of laboratories and facilities for basic science experiment courses in the existing buildings, the overall learning environments of the College of Natural Sciences were poor because of the increased numbers of students and professors.
“The newly constructed building will provide further lab facilities, seminar rooms, and reading rooms for undergraduate students,” said Kim Sung-jin (Chemistry and Nano Sciences), the dean of the College of Natural Sciences.
“Moreover, we will also gain competence in the research and the science education fields by providing research facilities for graduate education.”
Along with the completion of the Science Building D, the repair works on the existing buildings will also be completed.

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