Ca’Foscari University
Ca’Foscari University
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In Venice, where time still seems to be stopped, Ca’Foscari University was founded in 1868 as the first Italian business college. Based on the model of Anversa Business School, Ca’Foscari was the first in Italy to offer higher education in commerce and economics. From the beginning, it included the teaching of foreign languages that was considered fundamental for the formation of future trainers.
Nowadays, Ca’Foscari houses about 19,000 enrolled students and has a wide range of subject in four main scientific-cultural areas: Economics, Languages, Sciences and Humanities. The university runs 20 First Cycle Degree programs and 30 Second Cycle degree programs, over 30 Specialist Master’s programs and 15 Research Doctorates. Also, Ca’Foscari has drawn up over 200 international cooperation agreements with universities from all over the world and with the aim of promoting the mobility in education and research fields, there are the prestigious Ca’Foscari-Harvard Summer School in San Servolo, and Venice International University.
The four faculties dislocated all in the city represent the fusion of old and new. All campus in fact stands on a historical building, of which the inside restored to allow better execution of the lessons. The Economics Faculty, San Giobbe Campus, draws upon a long tradition in the field of economics. The Faculties of Foreign Languages and Literature, San Basilio and Santa Marta Campus, are one of the oldest in Italy. It offers a range of 40 Western and Eastern language courses, and different curriculum opportunities. The branch in Treviso offers a specific curriculum in Interpretation and Translation. The Humanities faculties, San Sebastiano campus and Malcanton-Marcora complex, offer many degree programs in History, Literature, Philosophy, Archeology, Visual and Performing Arts. Lastly the Sciences Faculty, Santa Marta campus and the new pole in Mestre, was founded as a faculty of industrial chemistry and  offers different curricula including: Mathematical, Physical, Natural science and Materials Engineering.
Ca’Foscari is also closely related to the city life. Since 2005, Ca’Foscari and IUAV University have been participating in a boat race called Regata storica, a historical procession for the celebration of the glorious history of Republic of Venice. From 2007, Ca’Foscari was one of the first Italian universities to create a web radio. From this year, the Chorus of “Pecorinco no Tomodachi” sings in many important local events.
Powerful spirits of collaboration and innovation always accompany Ca’Foscari University of Venice. It is one of the few Italian universities mentioned, confirming its placement in the 500 brackets.
Plus, most of the graduates choose to stay in Venice to bind with Italy and the thin strip of land inside, where their home university is located.

* Viola Gerosa is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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