Student Activities Fair supports Ewha students to be active
Student Activities Fair supports Ewha students to be active
  • Chung Che-yoon
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The Student Service Center (SSC) held the Student Activities Fair for the first time from April 4 to 6 at the Student Union building. The fair was designed to encourage school centers and offices to advertise their official campus activities and to inform students of   them.
Although the “Welcome to Ewha” event for freshmen has been held since last year, it offered no more than a brief introduction of the school activities. Thus, this year the Student Activities Fair was organized to solve this problem.
“Before this fair was held, I only had a superficial knowledge of these activities through booklets,” Kim Sun-hee (Social Sciences, 1) said.
The fair introduced 12 official student activities-Ewha Campus Leader, Ewha Today, Peace Buddy, Career Club, Ewha Volunteers, Campus Zikimi, Culture Designers, Ewha Global Initiative, Enjoy Volunteering in Ewha, Ewha Roume, Ewha Dawoori, and Support Center for Students with Disability.
The fair encouraged interested students to gain indirect experiences in the activities that they wanted to join. Students who were unaware of school organizations were also satisfied with the event.
“I was a bit surprised because I never knew that there were so many activities on campus,” Huh Ji-Soo (Molecular and Life Sciences, 1) said.
The Student Activities Fair was beneficial to the school centers as well, giving them the chance to attract more students. The fair was not just for simple advertisement.  All of the booths were designed by students, and each of them was full of unique attractions.
Jung Ji-yoon (International Office Administration, 3), the president of Peace Buddy was busy playing quiz games with the students.
“I expect to raise students’ awareness of Peace Buddy through this fair, as it would help us earn more participants,” Jung said. 
Although the SSC has no specific plans regarding the next Students Activities Fair, it is certain that the fair will be held annually. It will also be on a much larger scale with more helpful information.
“We desire to improve the fair and plan to enlarge the scale of the it by inviting more centers and offices in Ewha. We hope more students welcome the upcomming fair,” said An Yoon-Jin, a staff member of the SSC.

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