Ewha Orchestra first to perform at symphony festival
Ewha Orchestra first to perform at symphony festival
  • Oh Seo-jin
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Ewha Orchestra invited to perform in 2012 Orchestra Festival Concert

Ewha Orchestra will be performing at the Concert Hall in Seoul Arts Center on April 16. It is the first two university orchestras that are invited to perform in the annually held Orchestra Festival concert.
2012 Orchestra Festival, which has started since 1989, is holding its 24th concert from April 1 to 24 at the Concert Hall in Seoul Arts Center. The festival holds its significance in that it is currently the largest classic concert that brings people from diverse regions into one through music. The high-quality music it provides has attracted thousands of audiences and has also contributed to making the festival a musical feast for everyone to enjoy.
“I am delighted that Ewha Orchestra is invited to the event and feel responsible for a successful performance on April 16,” professor Sung Ki-sun (Orchestral Music), the conductor of Ewha Orchestra, said.
The Seoul Arts Center faculty  has unprecedently decided to newly organize and improve its program contents by including university orchestra performances in addition to those of the original cast.
Ewha Orchestra is currently conducted by professor Sung and piano accompanied by professor Kye Myoung-seon (Keyboard Instruments). Professor Sung is very proud and impressed with the orchestra, describing it as “harmonious, exquisite and cooperative.”
Ewha Orchestra is composed of students majoring in orchestral music in Ewha that has over 100 years of history and tradition in music. Since its start in 1960, Ewha orchestra has accumulated various performance experiences and has consistently sought for improvements by actively participating in annual concerts and festivals.

In 1996, 1997, and 1998, it opened a concert celebrating Ewha’s founding in Seoul Arts Center’s Concert Hall.
Recently, in 2010, it played “Le nozze di Figaro” at the University Opera Festival held in Seoul Arts Center. The orchestra, with its unique direction of music and high-quality performance, received an appraisal from the audience.
“The school faculty had praised it as a success and other viewers also gave positive feedbacks to the performance,” professor Sung said.
In the following year 2011, Ewha Orchestra performed at Ewha Womans University’s 125th year celebration ceremony held in front of Ewha Campus Complex and also participated in various school concerts. These years of successful performances have established its reputation as one of the leading and capable university orchestras.
The orchestra has extended its reach beyond Korean boundaries. In the summer of 2012, Ewha Orchestra is planning to have two invitation recitals at Rouffachin International Music Festival held in Alsace of France.
“We are anticipating to perfom with and learn from other orchestras at the upcoming concert in August,” Sung said.

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